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Since the launch in 2017, we have always focused on providing web hosting service at a cost accessible to everyone. BlueGeekHosting offers premium hosting services with top-notch features.




Top-notch Features

Bluegeek Hosting also provides cheap Plans for Limitless Web Hosting. These plans offer unlimited resources and the "cPanel" control panel, which is both the most user-friendly and the most demanding, at an extremely low cost. 

Control Panel

The world's greatest hosting is provided by our best limitless hosting, the cPanel Control Panel.

Quicker SSD Space

On unlimited hosting plans with unlimited SSD storage, take advantage of 50% faster speed.

LiteSpeed WebServer

Better static speed and quicker web application performance are all provided by LiteSpeed Web Server.

Softaculous Installer

Our unlimited hosting plans include an installer for 300+ pre-configured web apps, including WordPress.

Daily Backups

With Our unlimited web hosting plans, we offer Free monthly backups to guard against website errors.

FREE SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates increase client confidence and improve search engine ranking.

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