24 May 2018
For Web Hosting

We (“Blue Geek Hosting”) offers our customers a 30 day money-back guarantee. This guarantee allows our customers to use our service risk-free.
The cancellation only becomes effective in accordance with the time chosen by the Customer through the Cancellation process. Cancellation request must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to end of money back guarantee.Once a cancellation request is submitted, the customer’s account will be suspended either immediately or at the end of the service billing period depending on customer’s decision during the cancellation process. Once a request has been completed, the customer’s account will be terminated and no copy will be kept. It includes all customer’s account data, including backups. After this process, company cannot be held responsible for data loss due to suspension or termination.To be eligible for refund, customer must meet the following requirements:
a. Customer’s cancellation request was submitted before 30 days from date of first payment.
b. None of customer’s service violate our Terms of Services.
c. The payment for service is recurring; refund is not applicable on extra services, domain names, ssl certificates, whois protection etc.
d. Refund wil only be issues if there is issue with our service and we are not able to solve it.
e. No refund will be given if your hosting or domain recieves copyright or legal issue, We can offer domain change in that case.

If you have any question regarding this policy, please contact us.

For Domain
We dont offer any refund after the registration of domain.